We start on May 15th

30 brave people from art., technology and science will join for 6 weeks to reimagine Extremadura and Portugal and to provide solution to their major challenges on a collaborative way.

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May 15th
on site

Identification and definition of major challenges of Extremadura and Portugal.


From 17th to 21st May

Inmmersion for understanding the context and the challenges to face.


From 24th to 28th May

Generation of proposals and projects to hack Extremadura and Portugal.


From 31st May to 4th June

Selection of the best proposals and ideas.


From 7th to 11th June

Construction of the prototypes.


From 14th to 18th June

Validation of the prototypes.


From 21st to 25th June

Consolidation of learnings and preparation of the final pitch. 

Let’s fly!

26th June
on site

Final presentation of the projects. 

Are you the one we are looking for?

We are looking for… enthusiastic, proactive and engaged people to solve the challenges of Extremadura and Portugal on a collaborative way.

We are looking for people who are bored with the established and who seek to get out of the conventional; We are looking for enthusiastic, proactive and committed to solve the challenges of Extremadura and Portugal in a collaborative way.

Taking part in HackExtrem you will…

…be part of the co-invention movement of the society we want, aligned with the Europe we aim for.
…provide your knowledge and personal experience to the construction of the New Extremadura and New Portugal
…learn and incoroporate to your expertise new techniques, dynamics and processes of construction, prototyping and designs of cooperative projects
…multiply and uplift your personal and professional collaborative network
…take part in the creation of a new development model that could be applied in other European territories.
…enjoy learning from other people and sharing with them

We also look for engaged people, looking forward to invest their time and energy on:

On-site opening session at Embarcadero, Cáceres, Saturday, March 15th from 9h to 17h

Weekly online session, Mondays from 16:30 to 19:30, from May 17th to June 25th.

Minimum dedication up to 6 hours per week to develop the projects.

On-site projects presentation session at Embarcadero, Cáceres: Saturday, June 26th from 10h to 13h

Free participation

Do you want to take part in the movement that will mark a milestone in Extremadura and Portugal and leave your footprint on the way?

We were looking for you!